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The Importance of Using Content to Show Your Nonprofit’s Impact

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Using content to show your impact isn’t just for SEO but is becoming a more important aspect of why people support, and might support, your organization. Storytelling has become the #1 trend in 2014 for nonprofit fundraising and it’s important to really understand why. The great people over at Hubspot have come up with 4 simple benefits of using content to show impact and “help increase awareness, support, and funds”.

Benefit #1: Content answers the questions of curious strangers.

  • When people visit your site they are looking for information about what your organization does, what your mission is, and how successful you are at moving towards that mission. They also want to know “what their contribution will mean and who or what they will impact”. Make sure your content answers these initial questions for your visitors so you don’t lose them.

Benefit #2: Content highlights the achievements of you and your constituents.

  • Show how individuals make a difference and how volunteers can connect outsiders to the cause. Supporters want to feel like they, themselves, are making a difference. Let them know how they have in the past and how they can continue in the future.

Benefit #3: Content allows you to build trust.

  • Be transparent. By being clear and open with your supporters, it builds a level of trust that is incredibly important. People want to know exactly how their money is being spent and how things get done. Don’t hide; share your solutions, your process, and your results.

Benefit #4: Content connects your readers to actual people that are impacted by your mission.

  • Allow your supporters to feel emotionally connected to your cause through the communities you’re helping. Share follow-ups stories, statistics, or images to show how you have benefited these communities. Hubspot says ” Personal connection is the number one reason why people give, fundraise, join an organization, or volunteer”. Give them an opportunity to make a personal connection.

Want to see a great example of how charity: water uses content to connect? Read the whole article on Hubspot: The Benefits of Using Content to Show Your Nonprofit’s Impact

Meet Them: 15 Most Powerful Women in U.S. Philanthropy

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International Women’s Day was this past Saturday March 8th. In honor of women, the Huffington Post Impact blog has posted a list of 15 most powerful women in U.S. philanthropy, as compiled by Inside Philanthropy. Women have now become a substantial force in the realm of philanthropy. They are becoming a leadership force and building connections to help make a difference. The list of the top 15 women in U.S. philanthropy are listed below:

The 15 Most Powerful Women in U.S. Philanthropy

  1. Melinda Gates
  2. Susan Buffett
  3. Patricia Harris
  4. Marilyn Simons
  5. Susan Dell
  6. Pam Omidyar
  7. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey
  8. Jennifer Buffett
  9. Carol Larson
  10. Laurene Powell Jobs
  11. Laura Arrillaga-Andressen
  12. Laura Arnold
  13. Priscilla Chan
  14. Margaret Cargill
  15. Cathy Catalyst

Do you recognize any of these women? Does anyone inspire you? Let us know!

The full version of Huffington Post’s article can be found here: Meet the 15 Most Powerful Women in U.S. Philanthropy

The complete article by Inside Philanthropy, and why they chose the women on this list, can be found here: Meet the 15 Most Powerful Women in U.S. Philanthropy

How to: Build the Strongest Committee for a Successful Event

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At the upcoming 2014 AFP International Conference on Fundraising in San Antonio, Shiree Skinner, the director of special events with Easter Seals Serving Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., will host a session that will “leave participants with a check-list to guide them through their next special event, including ten specific strategies covering planning, day-of execution and post-event tasks.” Here she shares a tip on her list that will help you on your way to a successful fundraising special event.

Strategy #3 – How to Build the Strongest Committee Possible for a Successful Event – As brought to you by Shiree Skinner

Skinner mentions that without a strong committee to help plan and produce the event, your event is vulnerable to a lack of organization and undirected efforts. By beginning with a strong committee, much of the rest of the planning will evolve much more seamlessly.

So where to start? Skinner has come up with a few key tasks to accomplish that will set you on the right path for a triumphant event.

  • Recruit from you network
  • Don’t be afraid to create a wish-list of your dream committee
  • Set specific goals for your new recruits
  • Create lists for your new committee – duties, attendance expectations, fundraising goals, etc

Then… keep you committee “On Board”. Keeping your committee focused, engaged, and motivated will increase the accountability of you committee. Want to find out how the best steps to Keeping Your Committee “On Board”? Read the entire post over at The Association of Fundraising Professionals national site: ICON Teaser: Successful Special Events Strategies