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Meet the Event Journal Team: Cathy

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The fourth in a continuing series of team member profiles:

NAME: Catherine Kaczmarczyk

TITLE: Creative Director


Cathy hails from Krakow, Poland. She is our resident movie buff, neat freak, protector of the environment and advocate for furry friends everywhere. Her beautiful and thoughtful designs never cease to amaze us. She is the woman behind the look and feel of Event Journal.

In her own words:

WHAT INSPIRES YOU? I am inspired by architecture, nature and music. I like my designs to be simple, interesting and clean. Also, I am fascinated by other artists, old (Caravaggio, Picasso, Monet) and new (Banksy, Mueck, Pollock). A few years ago I visited Vienna, Austria and had an opportunity to view Monet’s exposition that included many pieces from private collections. I also saw Michelangelo’s David in Florence, which was an incredible experience. I have worked as a designer in a variety of settings: retail, museum, corporate, agency. I also paint and draw.

WHAT DO YOU DO FOR FUN? I Love hiking, biking, being outside, walking my dogs, traveling, reading and watching movies. I also play beach volleyball in the summer and, the rest of the year, participate in indoor leagues. I am quite the cook and love having friends over to enjoy good food and wine.

WHAT IS A CHARITY OR CAUSE YOU PERSONALLY STAND BEHIND AND WHY? I support several local animal rescue organizations, run by the volunteers. Two of these are Guardians of Rescue and the Last Chance Animal Rescue, to which I donate both money and raffle prizes.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PET(S): Our family includes two rescue dogs named Lucy and Seven. Lucy is a lovable 6 year old pug and had has lived with us for 5 years. She is a frequent and welcome visitor to the Event Journal office. Seven is a 2 year old pit bull and a new addition to our family. Since her arrival two months ago she has made friends with Lucy and settled in nicely. Seven was named after the “Seven of Nine (Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01)”  character on the Star Trek Voyager series. Yes. I am a Trekkie! These girls even have their own Instagram account. Follow Lucy and Seven: @pugandpitt


Event Journal Launches Our Newest Product: the “e-Gallery”

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The only constant in our world is change. At Event Journal, we are always happy when we can meet the changing needs of our clients. Case in point. In preparation for its April 16, 2016 Renaissance Ball in Philadelphia, longtime client Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation posed a new challenge for Event Journal. In the time between galas, its national office mandated the use of an event website company whose sites covered some of the functionality previously provided by Event Journal. The new site, however, does not include any of the journal ad capabilities in which we specialize. To continue its use of the e-journal, CCFA asked what we could do. We crafted a solution in which Event Journal provides an online Journal Ad Gallery that links from their new event web page with a prompt to users to “View the e-Journal”. Now, CCFA delivers basic event information and manages registration via the mandated event page and sends Event Journal all the journal ad materials to design and post online.  The digital journal continues to extend to the night of the event, with Event Journal producing the Event Presentation, containing all the ads, title slides, honoree slides and mission information. This solution is a win-win for CCFA! View their e-Gallery here. In fact, this project is so successful, that Event Journal has created this as a new stand-alone product for other clients and prospects to consider when their own resources already include an event website or webpage with shopping cart capabilities. The Anti-Defamation League recently climbed on board with this solution for its large fall event. If you need something other than our current offerings, just ask us. We love a good challenge!

7 Principles of a Winning Check-In Zone

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As we all know, first impressions count — from the first digital encounter through the event itself. Event check-in is the first place that face-to-face interaction occurs. So, it is important your event has a user-friendly, easy flow. Event MB offers 7 tips to ensure that your next event check-in runs smoothly.

  1. Stay Organized
    Organization is key to your success. Make sure you have systems in place to avoid chaos and stay organized throughout the event.
  2. Ensure Proper Flow
    A check-in zone that flows well will prevent stress and keep your staff happy … not to mention, provide a quality first impression for your attendees. No one enjoys feeling crowded or waiting in a long line.
  3. Hire Great Staff or Volunteers
    Check-in staff should be friendly, calm, knowledgeable and organized. Assigning the right people to the job is critical to your success.
  4. Make the Most of Technology
    To avoid errors, try to move as many processes as possible to a digital system. You can also use tech to increase interaction at your check-in area. Share your event hashtag and encourage your guests to share their initial impressions on their social channels.
  5. Plan Ahead for Good Registration
    A great check-in process begins long before the first person steps through the door. Make the most of this opportunity to interact with your guests and they will transition into your event excited and prepared for everything the event has to offer!
  6. Utilize Proper Timing
    Make sure your event check-in is properly timed. If running a large conference, your check-in should be open for many hours.
  7. Get the Party Started
    The event check-in should be a fun and exciting area where guests get pumped up to finally get inside the event. If you have a themed event, be sure the festivities extend out into the check-in area.

For more information, check out the article at Event MB.


Cultivate Engagement Before, During and After an Event

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Event marketers are no longer content to limit social media posts to the time during the event. Instead, marketers are now engaging donors in long-term relationships, amplifying the reach of events … before, during and after. According to a Chief Marketer Special Report by Patricia Odell, it has never been more important to take advantage of the time leading up to an event and then to extend the life of that remarkable experience that was just staged.

The top strategy around engagement is to stimulate and increase event attendance via event sites, email marketing and social media. Another emerging trend is to reach out to important groups of potential donors who may not actually attend the event. This can include donor prospects, industry members and influencers. The fact that these contacts do not attend a fundraising event does not minimize their impact and importance as potential donors.

It is clear that viral communications, connections, shares and impressions can have a huge impact on an event. For event marketers, there is significant awareness about the importance of creating memorable moments and content worth capturing and sharing these across multiple digital channels.

Event Journal, Inc.’s specialty micro-sites help nonprofits communicate with prospective supporters and attendees — to maximize the attendance and fundraising opportunities for their major events. Event Journal provides compelling, value-added opportunities with online sponsor recognition, links to company websites and year-round exposure of online ads and logos. The sites incorporate “SHARE” buttons and icons to link to the organizations’ social media pages. Event Journal is social media-ready to take your organization’s message viral, and help spread excitement and engagement.

Read the above outlined report in its entirety at

Successful Viral Fundraising in 5 Steps

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Are you a small nonprofit looking to take your message viral and replicate the success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Joe Garecht of The Fundraising Authority assures that any nonprofit, even a small one with limited funding, can achieve viral success. Here are a few tips he shared in a recent article:

  1. Keep your message simple: make sure that people can easily explain both your campaign and your message. If your message is hard to explain, it will be hard to spread.
  2. Make sure there is an “ask”: Make sure that you are asking for a donation from every single participant. While gaining exposure and spreading your message are important goals, you should also be clearly asking for a donation, as well.
  3. Keep the “ask” small: If you want people to spread your message, they must feel you’re asking a reasonable amount. If you think $10 sounds like too little, realize that 500 donations new donations would still yield $5,000! Then work on building a relationship, turning them into lifelong donors.
  4. Campaign must have a “hook” which makes it “spreadable”: In order to get people to talk about and share your message, your campaign needs to include a hook that makes it spreadable … something in the campaign itself that makes it fun and makes people want to share it.
  5. Campaign should have great visuals: Make sure that your campaign can be explained and shared in photos or videos online. People love to share videos and photos and it will make them more interested if they can see their friends and family participating in your campaign online.

For more information on generating a viral campaign, view article in its entirety here.

Celebrating Amazing Female Athletes

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As a certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE), we enjoy celebrating amazing women and girls. As we look to Spring and the return of America’s greatest pastime, baseball, we remember Mo’Ne Davis. At the age of 13, Mo’Ne made history as the first girl in Little League World Series history to pitch a winning game on August 15, 2014.
She was also the first girl to pitch a shutout in Little League postseason history and the first Little League baseball player to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Mo’Ne published a book about this experience entitled Remember My Name – From First Pitch to Game ChangerVirne Jackie Mitchell was one of the first female professional baseball player in the world. She struck out both Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig at the age of 17, while playing an exhibition game between the New York Yankees and the Chattanooga Lookouts in 1931. A few days later, baseball commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis voided Mitchell’s contract and declared women unfit to play baseball as the game was “too strenuous.”
We encourage you to watch this amazing Super Bowl commercial from Always in 2014 that portrays how girls see themselves as winners. We love it! Watch “Like a Girl” here.

Spotlight on St. Joseph Hospital’s Gold Coast Gala

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On April 9, 2016, EJ client St. Joseph Hospital will honor three distinguished health care professionals at the Crest Hollow Country Club. We asked them to tell us how Event Journal has helped them “Raise More and Stress Less” and this is what they said:  “Event Journal delivers a high quality on-line platform for our annual Gold Coast Gala”, said Halina Howlett. “Their customer service is outstanding. We receive positive feedback on our event journal from donors and others involved in this event”, she said. And how did St. Joseph Hospital hear about Event Journal? From Mercy Medical Center, another member of the Catholic Health Services of LI system – just one degree of separation away. Thank you St. Joseph Hospital for allowing us to serve you. View their 2016 Event Journal here.

Meet the Event Journal Team: Laura

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The third in a continuing series of team member profiles:

NAME: Laura M. Miller
TITLE: Account Manager

Laura is a recent addition to the Event Journal team and already wears many hats. When she’s not reaching out to nonprofit organizations to uncover new opportunities, she is working internally managing existing accounts, and is instrumental in planning our marketing, including email blasts and social media.

In her own words:

WHAT MAKES EVENT JOURNAL UNIQUE: The most unique thing about Event Journal is that we develop strong, long lasting relationships with the people and nonprofit organizations we serve. We truly become an extension of their development teams during the busy pre-event months. We are fortunate to become so personally involved … their mission becomes our mission!

INTERESTING STORY ABOUT A CLIENT OR PROJECT: While I am new to Event Journal, I was thrilled to see a familiar name on our roster of clients — Tourette Association of America. One of my family members has Tourette Syndrome, so I know firsthand about the amazing work this organization does, especially their innovative Youth Ambassador program. I am proud to be in a position to help with their fundraising efforts.

WHAT IS A CHARITY OR CAUSE YOU PERSONALLY STAND BEHIND AND WHY? I am a sustaining member of National Public Radio affiliate WNYC, which is playing whenever I’m in the car. I learn so much from their programming — how could I not support them!? I also support several Jewish organizations. I visited Israel for the second time last year and feel a strong connection to my Jewish homeland. And, finally, I support any cause my friends are willing to walk for, run for — or even climb stairs for! If it’s important to them, it is important to me.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PET(S): I am a brand new pet owner, having recently adopted a kitten we named Herschel. He is a precocious striped tabby cat and is the perfect antidote to empty nest syndrome. We also have a tropical fish tank, which Herschel is fascinated by. As you can see, he is definitely plotting a surprise attack!

IMG_8204 (2)



Complement Offline Fundraising with Online Marketing

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Most non-profits have dipped their toes into the worlds of email marketing, crowdfunding and website solicitation. But digital marketing platforms can also maximize the effectiveness of your offline efforts, such as fundraising events. In his article “How to Add an Online Component to Your Offline Fundraising Activities,” Joe Garecht of The Fundraising Authority shares the following keys for successfully adding an online component to your mix:

Don’t Make Online Marketing an Afterthought
Don’t simply copy and paste text from your printed materials. Make your message unique and targeted to help you nurture a strong community which rallies around your non-profit.

Encourage Supporters to Take Your Efforts Viral

Supporters can spread the word about your campaign through their own network of friends and colleagues.

Online Efforts Should Mirror Offline Tactics
If your organization requires three levels of approvals before you send an event invitation to the printer, but your intern sends out an e-mail invitation without anyone else looking at it, you are not giving equal weight to your online activities.

We at Event Journal would like to add one more suggestion to this already comprehensive list: Elevate your event marketing with the introduction of an event “micro-site.” The classic triad of pre-event communications, (save-the-date postcard, sponsor solicitation letter and printed event invitation) is facing obsolescence. The printed journal distributed at the event has been eclipsed by the advent of better and broader use vehicles, delivered by a mix of both printed and digital media.

Rethink and reinvent your event marketing and communications strategy using all the technology available to you. Digital mediums, such as email marketing, social media and online ad journals provide an opportunity for even greater engagement and better fundraising returns for your event. As “millennials” become an increasingly larger percentage of your target market, non-profits will no longer be able to rely solely on older methods of communications. Organizations and Board Members who bury heads in the sand will be passed over by more progressive nonprofits.