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Raising Green on the Green

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While it’s definitely still winter, many Event Journal clients are well on their way to planning golf events for spring, summer and fall. With a little planning, golf tournaments can be a successful source of fundraising dollars for your organization. A recent article by Mark Brewer in AFP’s Advancing Philanthropy outlines several suggestions to assist you with your planning:

One Year Out:
-Secure a date and location
-Recruit a planning committee
-Create and work off a sponsorship plan

Six Months Out:
-Plan catering
-Early promotion via Save the Date
-Plan long term promotion plan
-Order invitations

Three Months Out:
-Begin marketing push
-Set up registration website
-Mail invitations (6-8 weeks in advance)
-Recruit event volunteers

Day of:
Set up sponsor recognition
Organize for seamless check in
Host awards ceremony / dinner

-Thank you notes to volunteers and supporters
-Evaluate event
-Begin planning next year

Event Journal provides easy to use golf websites for information, registration and sponsor recognition. All golf outing website packages include these basics:

  • Recommendation, registration and setup of a user-friendly URL
  • Customized responsive design
  • Event program/overview page
  • Sponsor / supporter acknowledgement page
  • “Share” button that allows supporters to share your site via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Social media icons that link to your organization’s pages
  • One year agreement, with an option to renew
  • Secure integrated shopping cart for online registration, sponsorship purchases and donations
  • Email marketing option

Please call us if we can be of service in making your next golf tournament a hole in one for your organization.


Three unexpected strategies to help you raise more at your next fundraising event

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Annual fundraising events are a staple for most organizations, a tried and true method of reeling in major funds. But planning, staging, and following up on the event can be a major drain on an organization’s staff. Joe Garecht shares three unexpected strategies to help you raise more at your next special event.

1) Use the phone: Yes, you should send out invitations and promote your event online, by email and through newsletters. But the most powerful fundraising tool is the phone. There is nothing quite like reaching out personally. Start with your prospective sponsors, and after you send out a letter, arrange calls and one-on-one meetings.  Then move to your prospective event guests – target people who could buy whole tables. Give them a call or go see them at their office.

The Event Journal platform provides social sharing prompts and tools, to help spread the word about your event, in both business and personal spheres.

2) Find supporters who will “own” the event: Your host committee should not be spending their time discussing menus or floral arrangements. Enlist committee members who understand they are responsible for moving the needle, in terms of event revenue, and are willing to sell sponsorships and tickets. Make it clear to the entire committee that meeting the event’s fundraising goal is priority #1.

The Event Journal platform provides improved workflow, giving development staff and board members more time to execute meaningful fundraising efforts.

3) Do one remarkable thing at each function: While events grow in popularity over time – they can also get “stuck” in a predictable routine. Mix it up a little each year and do something unexpected. This could be as simple as inviting a local celebrity as a surprise guest, or as complicated as hosting a “pop-up” after-party for young professionals. Whatever it is that you decide to do, doing something really remarkable will get people talking about your event – and hopefully attending, year after year.

Read this article in its entirety at The Fundraising Authority.

Event Websites: Six Major Trends

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While the basic human interactions and emotions behind fundraising events haven’t changed, the way in which organizations promote events has changed a lot. Event MB shares six cutting edge trends in event websites:

Customized – not Custom
Many companies are able to customize solutions for much less, and still provide a robust, end product with which to promote your organization’s event.

Fully Responsive
Mobile-friendly is not enough. In this day and age, event website should be mobile responsive. This means, regardless of the device it’s viewed on, the website will look and act the same.

Heavily Optimized for Search Engines
This is where expertise comes in. When someone searches your event online, you want your event website to pop right up in the top first or second spot. Doing this means the site must be, written, built and tagged in the right way to be SEO-friendly and able to communicate with the major search engines.

Emphasis on Design
Event websites can look beautiful, too! Your website should be top notch in both form and function – and should not be limited to a single page. A robust event website should hype your event, touting your venue, honorees and event program.

To read this article in its entirety, click here.

Must-Know Implications of Mobile for your Event

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The number of smartphone and tablet users worldwide is expected to nearly double by 2021, from today’s 3.7 billion to 6.8 billion. If your nonprofit has been dragging its feet in embracing a mobile-first communication and fundraising strategy for event marketing … STOP! It is time to move forward. Heather Mansfield of npENGAGE explains why:

WEB COMMUNICATIONS – By 2021, 90% of Internet traffic will be mobile (Source: Ericsson®). Investing in a responsive event website, such as the sites Event Journal produces, is a necessary expense. The sooner your nonprofit makes the investment, the better.

EMAIL FUNDRAISING – More than 55% of emails are now opened on a mobile device (Source: Litmus®). Your organization must have a mobile-responsive email platform to promote its event. Think large, visually compelling photos and graphics, less text, and “tapable” calls-to-action.

DONATION PAGES – 14% of donations are now made on a mobile device (Source: Blackbaud), and online giving continues to grow every year. It’s guaranteed that your nonprofit is losing online donations if your donation pages are not mobile compatible.

A responsive platform, such as Event Journal, can move your organization’s special event forward in this respect, providing a secure mobile-friendly shopping cart for donations, tickets, tables and journal ad purchases. To read this article in its entirety, please click here.