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Tell Your Event Donors You LIKE Them

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Did you ever have a crush on someone that acted like you didn’t exist?  You’d see them in the hall, your eyes would light up, you’d pause, hoping they’d talk to you, compliment your outfit, ANYTHING. And then … nothing. They’d pass right by you and talk to someone else. Lauren McCarthy describes this scenario in an article on npENGAGE. Except it happened to her with a nonprofit.

After spending much time, money and effort on a peer-to-peer fundraising event, she was ignored by this nonprofit … no email. no mail. nothing. She believed in the mission of this organization and posted about them on social media. She wanted to read updates on their various programs and hear their success stories — but they just kept ignoring her.

After doing some digging, she found out that, as an event participant, her name was suppressed from direct response solicitations. If your organization isn’t soliciting its event donors, you’d better believe that another organization will. One health organization found that approximately 40% of its event sponsors were giving to other organizations, while being suppressed from it own solicitations. Talk about leaving money on the table!

Your donors tell you just how much they like you each time they donate or volunteer their time to your organization. Periodic analysis and data audits are a great way to ensure you’re telling these donors just how much you like them back. Just like in junior high school, if you don’t ask your crush to the school dance, someone else will!

Read this story in its entirety on npENGAGE.


Our Favorite Online Event Marketing Tips

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Online marketing has changed the event landscape. There are countless articles about how to market your event online, but most tips are generic and can’t be actioned. EventMB shares these event marketing tips — all actionable tasks designed to grow your guest list. Not all relate to nonprofit events, but here are several that do:

  • Promote your Speakers: Create images that combine event branding with your speaker’s name and photo. Send these images (in multiple sizes) to your speakers for use in their own social media posts or websites. Also create a quote image featuring their face and one of their best quotes, along with your event hashtag.
  • Create an Awesome Video: Make the video fun, rather than overly promotional. The goal here is to garner attention, to make people FEEL something that will pique interest. Upload the video directly to Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube to maximize reach.
  • Reach out to Influencers – Correctly: Quality over quantity. Send personalized requests to 20 best-fit influencers. Provide content relevant to their audience. If you want them to post a tweet, send a few unique, pre-written options. The less work they have to do, the better.
  • Run a Contest to Drum up Buzz: Encourage potential attendees to share a picture or comment on a status for a chance to win a prize. Or invite attendees to vote on a small event detail such as dinner theme by commenting on a status. Offer free tickets, VIP experiences, or anything else you imagine. Just remember the better the prize, the more interest you will generate.
  • Add Social Share “After Sale” Buttons: Turn excitement into referrals by incorporating social sharing into your sales funnel. Include pre-populated social media actions, requiring minimal work for optimal shares. With Event Journal, social media sharing is incorporated into every page of every website. Also, purchasers are prompted to share news of their attendance several times during the checkout process.
  • Host a “Pre-Event” Event on Social Media: The best way to give people a taste of your event is to host a pre-event event. Whether it’s a behind-the-scenes Facebook Live broadcast or a Blab with some of your key speakers, be sure to advertise it across multiple platforms.
  • Offer a Private Facebook Group Exclusive to Attendees: Schedule periodic posts to the group to keep people engaged and share information that is relevant to attendees.

Online marketing is a great way to promote your events, and there are a million possibilities for how you can do it. Choose your favorites and start testing them with your audience! Or talk to us at Event Journal about best practices for promoting your nonprofit event online. Read this article in its entirety at EventMB.