Why Nonprofits Should Use LinkedIn


by Karen Perry-Weinstat

Tech company Communityforce recently published an article on the topic “LinkedIn as it related to nonprofit organizations.” LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform. Over 200 countries and territories are represented. This is an incredibly vast resource of knowledge and opportunity that nonprofits must tap into. Currently over 100,000 charitable institutions are present on LinkedIn’s nonprofit platform.

Much like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is an excellent site for re-posting and promoting causes and events. Whether it’s donors, volunteers or staff, those connected to a nonprofit through LinkedIn can share the charity’s information with their own connections, broadening the scope of visibility exponentially.

Plus, nonprofits can use LinkedIn much in the same way that any other industry does: recruitment. It’s a great tool for researching potential board members, volunteers or staff members based on common interests, skills and connections. As the site is meant for users to promote their experience and expertise, it’s much easier for charities to verify employment history and reliability for candidates present on LinkedIn.

Read the article in its entirety here. You can also view a video on the subject. And here is yet another great article on the topic, published The Fundraising Authority.

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