5 Tips for Successful Journal Ad Sales


by Karen Perry-Weinstat

To many event fundraisers, selling journal ads is the least of their concerns. With sponsors to bring on board and a roomful of tables to fill, ads are listed at the bottom of the sponsor sheet and the hope is they’ll sell. This passive approach can leave money on the table and journal books on the floor. Here are some ideas as to how to use your journal as a tool to raise more at your next event:

1. Set an Ad Sales Strategy: Who is your target? Is it single ticket purchasers? People who can’t attend the event? You know to some extent who will not be a sponsor; how can you pitch them on a corporate or congratulatory ad instead?

2. Tout your Audience: Tell prospective ad buyers who they will reach. How many people in the room? Who beyond the room? Which demographics? How will you explain the benefits of the journal?

3. Package It Up: For ticket buyers who are not sponsors, why not give an incentive to also buy an ad? This is an up-sell and, chances are, they otherwise would have stopped with the ticket purchase.

4. Make it Different: An online journal gives more exposure and promotion to your event. It expands sales possibilities, especially to those not attending who can easily view their ad on a computer or mobile device.

5. Lose the Snooze: Terms like “journal,” and “program book” evoke little to no excitement or interest. Re-brand! Use your creativity to put a new spin on an old and tired format. Think outside the book!

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