PCI Compliance Checklist for Nonprofit Organizations


by Karen Perry-Weinstat

To protect your nonprofit organization’s bottom line, reputation and the trust of supporters, you need to achieve and maintain PCI compliance for your shopping cart and donation portals. PCI refers to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard set by major credit card brands to ensure that organizations do everything in their power to protect supporters’ data security. Failing to meet PCI compliance standards could leave you at a higher risk of a data breach. Also, in the case of a data breach, your organization could face steep fines and the additional financial burdens of a forensics audit and card replacement costs.

If your organization accepts credit cards or stores payment data of any kind and hasn’t yet become PCI compliant, you need to take action right away. You can also process payments through a third party that offers this level of security, such as Event Journal.

This article by Fenella Yin Fang Kam outlines six ways to help achieve PCI compliance to protect your organization from serious financial risks:

  1. Protect Your Data With A Firewall: A firewall adds extra layers of data security and makes your organization less susceptible to a breach. 
  2. Get Secure Payment Technology: Encryption and tokenization break your donors’ data into codes that data thieves are not able to read or translate.
  3. Install Malware Protection And Anti-Virus Software: PCI compliance standards also require malware protection and anti-virus software installed on all of your computers.
  4. Limit Access To Your Payment Data: PCI requirements dictate that you limit access to stored payment data.
  5. Change Your Passwords: While complicated passwords are hard to remember, the added data security they offer makes them worthwhile.
  6. Work With Your Merchant Services Provider: Working with an expert merchant services provider that’s dedicated to your bottom line makes the PCI compliance process easier. 


Check the six items above to start your path to data security success today, and click here to read the article in its entirety.

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