7 Principles of a Winning Check-In Zone


by Karen Perry-Weinstat

As we all know, first impressions count — from the first digital encounter through the event itself. Event check-in is the first place that face-to-face interaction occurs. So, it is important your event has a user-friendly, easy flow. Event MB offers 7 tips to ensure that your next event check-in runs smoothly.

  1. Stay Organized
    Organization is key to your success. Make sure you have systems in place to avoid chaos and stay organized throughout the event.
  2. Ensure Proper Flow
    A check-in zone that flows well will prevent stress and keep your staff happy … not to mention, provide a quality first impression for your attendees. No one enjoys feeling crowded or waiting in a long line.
  3. Hire Great Staff or Volunteers
    Check-in staff should be friendly, calm, knowledgeable and organized. Assigning the right people to the job is critical to your success.
  4. Make the Most of Technology
    To avoid errors, try to move as many processes as possible to a digital system. You can also use tech to increase interaction at your check-in area. Share your event hashtag and encourage your guests to share their initial impressions on their social channels.
  5. Plan Ahead for Good Registration
    A great check-in process begins long before the first person steps through the door. Make the most of this opportunity to interact with your guests and they will transition into your event excited and prepared for everything the event has to offer!
  6. Utilize Proper Timing
    Make sure your event check-in is properly timed. If running a large conference, your check-in should be open for many hours.
  7. Get the Party Started
    The event check-in should be a fun and exciting area where guests get pumped up to finally get inside the event. If you have a themed event, be sure the festivities extend out into the check-in area.

For more information, check out the article at Event MB.


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