What is “aspect ratio” and why should you care?


by Karen Perry-Weinstat

Aspect ratio refers to how wide an AV image is, compared to how tall. An improperly formatted event presentation can really diminish the impact of your gala content, making your organization appear less professional. It’s possible you could pay for a wide screen TV but then only show standard 4:3 material, leaving gaps on the left and right. Or you might order a large projection screen or iPad centerpieces, then not use the top and bottom due to widescreen content. Not only is there a question of unused sponsor recognition space but, aesthetically, it screams amateur.

What is aspect ratio and why should you care? The truth is, when you work with Event Journal, you don’t need to concern yourself with aspect ratio. That’s because AV coordination is one of the many details we handle to ensure that your event presentation is professional and on point. Event Journal ensures you’re getting the most bang for your buck, using the entire screen you paid for and presenting the very best version of your content.

For more information on aspect ratio, see IMS Technology Services’ newsletter.

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