What is “aspect ratio” and why should it matter to you?


by Karen Perry-Weinstat

Aspect ratio refers to the “fixed” relationship between the width and the height of a display screen. It is always written in a ratio format with the width listed first and the height listed second.

An improperly formatted event presentation can really diminish the impact of your gala content, minimizing its impact and appearing unprofessional. It’s possible you could pay for wide screen displays, such as on LED TV’s, but if the presentation shows in the standard, 4:3 ratio, it will only fill part of the screen. It will leave gaps on the left and right. Or you might order a large projection screen or even iPad centerpieces, requiring a 16:9 ratio. Again, it only fills part of the screen, leaving gaps on the top and bottom. Not only does this waste space that is intended for sponsor recognition or to tell your story, but, aesthetically, it gives an amateur appearance.

What is aspect ratio and why should it matter to you? The truth is, when you work with Event Journal, you don’t need to concern yourself with this technicality. That’s because AV coordination is one of the many details we handle. We ensure that your event presentation is professional and on point. Working with the Event Journal team, ensures you’re getting the most bang for your buck. You will definitely use the entire screen you paid for and present the very best version of your content.

Additionally, if you are using multiple of screen sizes, Event Journal formats your presentation for each. This is not as simple as just hitting a “reformat” button. Often times your presentation content needs to be redesigned to fit the additional format without stretch distortions.

For more information on aspect ratio, see IMS Technology Services’ newsletter.

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