Summer Reading (& Writing) for Nonprofit Professionals


by Karen Perry-Weinstat

Writing and publishing a book has never been easier, thanks to the upswing in self-publishing, e-books and on-demand printing. Nonprofit organizations are among those reaping the benefits of publishing their own books. Writing a book can help promote your mission in several ways, such as creating shareable content, bringing in new supporters and positioning your […]

Take event presentations to the next level…


by Karen Perry-Weinstat

Want something to really wow and inspire guests at your next event? Consider using Event Journal for a¬† digital sponsor presentation. Event Journal’s presentations are custom-designed to highlight your event graphics and your organization’s mission. Supporter ads are beautifully produced to tell your story, and are replicated¬† to display at a frequency in line with […]

Introducing ejRemote


by Karen Perry-Weinstat

An Online Ad Gallery, Embedded on Your Organization’s Event Page It’s here and we couldn’t be any prouder! ejRemote appears directly on clients’ event pages … on their own websites or third-party platforms. Participants learn about the event and register online using the nonprofit organization’s existing shopping cart and database. Then, they leave the journal […]