Introducing ejRemote


by Karen Perry-Weinstat

An Online Ad Gallery, Embedded on Your Organization’s Event Page It’s here and we couldn’t be any prouder! ejRemote appears directly on clients’ event pages … on their own websites or third-party platforms. Participants learn about the event and register online using the nonprofit organization’s existing shopping cart and database. Then, they leave the journal […]

What is “aspect ratio” and why should it matter to you?


by Karen Perry-Weinstat

Aspect ratio refers to the “fixed” relationship between the width and the height of a display screen. It is always written in a ratio format with the width listed first and the height listed second. An improperly formatted event presentation can really diminish the impact of your gala content, minimizing its impact and appearing unprofessional. […]

Strategize your Fundraising Event


by Karen Perry-Weinstat

In the frenzied world of event fundraising, development staff is often pulled from project to project and from event to event with little time to focus on strategic planning. So, often, they enlist the comfortable triad of pre-event communications: the save-the-date card, sponsor solicitation letter and the printed invitation/reply card. But this one-size-fits-all, tactical approach […]