Treating Event Sponsors as Major Gifts Prospects


by Karen Perry-Weinstat

Do you treat event sponsors like one night stands? Many organizations are guilty of this practice and it can make an individual or business feel used, undervalued and less than invested in your organization’s success. Icema Gibbs, Director or Corporate Social Responsibility at JetBlue, said at a recent AFP event, “I gave a large donation […]

Event Sponsors Seek a Meaningful Connection


by Karen Perry-Weinstat

As a representative of a nonprofit organization seeking corporate event sponsors, you are in the unique position to serve as a matchmaker. You have something corporations want — a loyal, engaged community with a passion for what you do. Corporations seek to engender goodwill by supporting organizations with relevant social missions. In doing so, they care about being seen by as […]

A Host Committee can Boost Event Revenue


by Karen Perry-Weinstat

When planning a fundraising event, some nonprofits fail to form a strong event committee, (also called “host committee”). Event committees can make or break an event, according to Joe Garecht from The Fundraising Authority, who shares these thoughts: What does an event committee do? This committee does not do the actual work of planning, setting […]