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EJ Partners with Generosity Series on Multi-Charity 5K Run / Walk

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Looking for a sure-fire event that raises funds without the work? Introducing Generosity Long Island: a multi-charity 5k run/walk in Eisenhower Park

Generosity Series – a producer of successful 5K run/walks throughout the tri-state area – is coming to Long Island! Event Journal, Inc. is proud to co-sponsor this exciting, first-time event, taking place on Sunday, November 6.

Generosity Series enables small- to medium-sized nonprofits to harness the power of peer-to-peer fundraising, without the typical hassle and expense. Generosity Series has already raised over $1.5 million for its charity partners – yielding an average $450 net per participant! They produce a turnkey event featuring expert consulting, specialized peer-to-peer fundraising software, customized event gear and “day of” event management.

Check out this video of their Generosity NYC 5K Run/Walk.

Please attend our info session to see if this opportunity is right for your organization:


American Kidney Fund
Wednesday, July 13, 2016 at 8:00 am
145 Pinelawn Road, Suite 320N, Melville

Light breakfast will be served.

Please Click HERE to register for the Info Session

People You Should Know: Holly Alexander, eventoozi Founder / Official Datekeeper of Fundraising Events

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How many times has it happened? Your nonprofit puts together a spectacular event only to find out there’s another fundraiser set for the same day, in the same area, targeted to a similar audience. The fundraising landscape is crowded with worthy causes — all competing for donations, visibility and, increasingly, for calendar space. A scheduling conflict that forces two charitable events to vie against one another for guests, revenue, and resources can spell disaster for both organizations.  And that’s a waste of time, effort, and money.

Enter Holly Alexander and her new service As a nonprofit consultant, Holly saw the need for one centralized calendar to which all nonprofits could refer before selecting an event date. Once a conflict-free date is chosen, organizations can digitally “save the date” by listing their event, as well as search for the high-quality service providers they need to host a successful fundraiser. Holly’s idea is now a reality in eventoozi, an online searchable, geo-targeted database for all nonprofit events nationwide – from 5K community runs to 500-guest galas.

eventoozi is free to any registered 501(c)(3). In fact, it’s better than free. To prove their commitment to the nonprofit sector, 10% of eventoozi’s annual profits will be allocated to the eventoozi Dividend Fund.  Each year, any organization registered with eventoozi is eligible to apply for a grant.

So check out eventoozi and register your organization’s events. THIS is why you should know Holly Alexander.

Why Nonprofits Should Use LinkedIn

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Tech company Communityforce recently published an article on the topic “LinkedIn as it related to nonprofit organizations.” LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform. Over 200 countries and territories are represented. This is an incredibly vast resource of knowledge and opportunity that nonprofits must tap into. Currently over 100,000 charitable institutions are present on LinkedIn’s nonprofit platform.

Much like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is an excellent site for re-posting and promoting causes and events. Whether it’s donors, volunteers or staff, those connected to a nonprofit through LinkedIn can share the charity’s information with their own connections, broadening the scope of visibility exponentially.

Plus, nonprofits can use LinkedIn much in the same way that any other industry does: recruitment. It’s a great tool for researching potential board members, volunteers or staff members based on common interests, skills and connections. As the site is meant for users to promote their experience and expertise, it’s much easier for charities to verify employment history and reliability for candidates present on LinkedIn.

Read the article in its entirety here. You can also view a video on the subject. And here is yet another great article on the topic, published The Fundraising Authority.

How to Beat Your Event Competition

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A recent article on EventMB highlights methods to stay on top of event planning trends. The article stresses that event planners should think strategically and brainstorm ways to grow and improve events. Take ideas from past events that had merit, and tweak them to achieve their full potential at future events. The goal should always be more engagement with attendees.

One idea we particularly agree with here at Event Journal is blending digital with physical. Event Journal achieves this via our integrated online journal and digital presentation at the event. We help our clients engage more supporters for longer periods of time versus, traditional methods of communicating – and add more value to these sponsorships. Read this article in its entirety at EventMB.


People You Should Know: Pete Miragliotta of MASST Associates, LLC, Champion of NPO Integrity

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Nonprofits are coming under greater scrutiny than ever before. Gone are the days of blind trust by potential donors. In fact, according to a survey by The Able Altruist, 66% of donors reported that the absence of a charity rating seal on a nonprofit’s website would influence them not to donate. And who can blame them, with news of misappropriation of funds by several large nonprofits grabbing recent headlines.

Blatant fraud aside, which is certainly not the norm, there are obvious differences in how charities allocate their funds. This affects their image in the public eye –and means nonprofits need to be vigilant as to how they appear on charity monitoring services such as Charity Navigator, Charity Watch, BBB Wise Giving Alliance, and GreatNonprofits.

Enter Pete Miragliotta of MASST Associates LLC., a consultancy dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations (NPO’s) achieve their strategic and fundraising goals. MASST offers proprietary Charity Watchdog Review services that help NPO’s understand how their financial support may be impacted by the charity rating agencies. “Many NPO leaders are surprised to learn they can actively improve their rating profile, a relatively easy, painless and inexpensive experience which, by extension, improves their fundraising potential,” says Miragliotta.

MASST analyzes the client’s own website for specific elements that savvy donors may be looking for. MASST also reviews the charity’s presence on premier charity rating websites and provides the client with a detailed report highlighting areas for improvement and a road map for successful implementation. THIS is why you need to know Pete Miragliotta.

Jane Jacobs – The Woman Who Saved Greenwich Village

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As a certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE), we enjoy celebrating amazing women. Especially those who share our pioneering spirit. Meet Jane Jacobs, a pioneer in urban planning and an activist who championed new, community-based approaches to planning for over 40 years. She would have turned 100 this month. Her article, Downtown is for People, published by Fortune magazine in 1958, earned her a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation to write her ground breaking book on urban planning in 1961 entitled The Death and Life of Great American Cities. It became one of the most influential writings about the inner workings and failings of cities, inspiring generations of urban planners and activists.  Jacobs is credited with “saving” Greenwich Village because her grass roots activism resulted in the eventual cancellation of the Lower Manhattan Expressway, which would have passed directly through SoHo and Little Italy. Her efforts to stop downtown expressways and protect local neighborhoods helped end then Parks Commissioner Robert Moses’s reign of power in New York City. Like many pioneers, Jacobs was widely criticized since she had no professional training in urban planning. She relied on her observations and common sense to show why certain places work, and what can be done to improve those that do not. The next time you are in Greenwich Village, or any other community based urban area, take a moment to remember Jane Jacobs. To learn more about Jacobs, you can listen to this Bowery Boys podcast, which we found fascinating.

The Golden Age of Philanthropy

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Founded by Warren Buffet and Bill and Melinda Gates, the The Giving Pledge is a commitment by the world’s wealthiest individuals and families to dedicate the majority of their wealth to philanthropy. There are only two requirements to join The Giving Pledge, you must agree to give away at least 50% of your wealth in your lifetime or upon death and you must write a letter explaining why you joined the pledge. You can see who the members are and read their letters here. There are now 115 members between the ages of 27 and 98. What is the total amount of charitable contributions for The Giving Pledge to date? Over half a trillion dollars. Most of the members are entrepreneurs, which makes one wonder why they would give away the vast majority of their wealth when they worked so hard to earn it. “Incremental wealth – the process of adding to existing wealth — has no real utility to an individual, but it has incredible utility to others,” said Warren Buffett during the 60 Minutes broadcast on March 27th. (Watch here.) Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, is a member of The Giving Pledge. She explained that most members made their money by being bold. Indeed, Sara started Spanx with an initial $5,000 investment. She wants her philanthropic work to be bold as well. These widely successful entrepreneurs have found that giving is not always easy. Bill Gates explained, “It doesn’t matter how effective a vaccine is, if it isn’t packaged and administered effectively.” It was noted in the piece that the Gates Foundation is close to eradicating polio in the world. Let us hope we are indeed living in the “Golden Age of Philanthropy”.


Meet the Event Journal Team: Cathy

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The fourth in a continuing series of team member profiles:

NAME: Catherine Kaczmarczyk

TITLE: Creative Director


Cathy hails from Krakow, Poland. She is our resident movie buff, neat freak, protector of the environment and advocate for furry friends everywhere. Her beautiful and thoughtful designs never cease to amaze us. She is the woman behind the look and feel of Event Journal.

In her own words:

WHAT INSPIRES YOU? I am inspired by architecture, nature and music. I like my designs to be simple, interesting and clean. Also, I am fascinated by other artists, old (Caravaggio, Picasso, Monet) and new (Banksy, Mueck, Pollock). A few years ago I visited Vienna, Austria and had an opportunity to view Monet’s exposition that included many pieces from private collections. I also saw Michelangelo’s David in Florence, which was an incredible experience. I have worked as a designer in a variety of settings: retail, museum, corporate, agency. I also paint and draw.

WHAT DO YOU DO FOR FUN? I Love hiking, biking, being outside, walking my dogs, traveling, reading and watching movies. I also play beach volleyball in the summer and, the rest of the year, participate in indoor leagues. I am quite the cook and love having friends over to enjoy good food and wine.

WHAT IS A CHARITY OR CAUSE YOU PERSONALLY STAND BEHIND AND WHY? I support several local animal rescue organizations, run by the volunteers. Two of these are Guardians of Rescue and the Last Chance Animal Rescue, to which I donate both money and raffle prizes.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PET(S): Our family includes two rescue dogs named Lucy and Seven. Lucy is a lovable 6 year old pug and had has lived with us for 5 years. She is a frequent and welcome visitor to the Event Journal office. Seven is a 2 year old pit bull and a new addition to our family. Since her arrival two months ago she has made friends with Lucy and settled in nicely. Seven was named after the “Seven of Nine (Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01)”  character on the Star Trek Voyager series. Yes. I am a Trekkie! These girls even have their own Instagram account. Follow Lucy and Seven: @pugandpitt


Event Journal Launches Our Newest Product: the “e-Gallery”

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The only constant in our world is change. At Event Journal, we are always happy when we can meet the changing needs of our clients. Case in point. In preparation for its April 16, 2016 Renaissance Ball in Philadelphia, longtime client Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation posed a new challenge for Event Journal. In the time between galas, its national office mandated the use of an event website company whose sites covered some of the functionality previously provided by Event Journal. The new site, however, does not include any of the journal ad capabilities in which we specialize. To continue its use of the e-journal, CCFA asked what we could do. We crafted a solution in which Event Journal provides an online Journal Ad Gallery that links from their new event web page with a prompt to users to “View the e-Journal”. Now, CCFA delivers basic event information and manages registration via the mandated event page and sends Event Journal all the journal ad materials to design and post online.  The digital journal continues to extend to the night of the event, with Event Journal producing the Event Presentation, containing all the ads, title slides, honoree slides and mission information. This solution is a win-win for CCFA! View their e-Gallery here. In fact, this project is so successful, that Event Journal has created this as a new stand-alone product for other clients and prospects to consider when their own resources already include an event website or webpage with shopping cart capabilities. The Anti-Defamation League recently climbed on board with this solution for its large fall event. If you need something other than our current offerings, just ask us. We love a good challenge!

7 Principles of a Winning Check-In Zone

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As we all know, first impressions count — from the first digital encounter through the event itself. Event check-in is the first place that face-to-face interaction occurs. So, it is important your event has a user-friendly, easy flow. Event MB offers 7 tips to ensure that your next event check-in runs smoothly.

  1. Stay Organized
    Organization is key to your success. Make sure you have systems in place to avoid chaos and stay organized throughout the event.
  2. Ensure Proper Flow
    A check-in zone that flows well will prevent stress and keep your staff happy … not to mention, provide a quality first impression for your attendees. No one enjoys feeling crowded or waiting in a long line.
  3. Hire Great Staff or Volunteers
    Check-in staff should be friendly, calm, knowledgeable and organized. Assigning the right people to the job is critical to your success.
  4. Make the Most of Technology
    To avoid errors, try to move as many processes as possible to a digital system. You can also use tech to increase interaction at your check-in area. Share your event hashtag and encourage your guests to share their initial impressions on their social channels.
  5. Plan Ahead for Good Registration
    A great check-in process begins long before the first person steps through the door. Make the most of this opportunity to interact with your guests and they will transition into your event excited and prepared for everything the event has to offer!
  6. Utilize Proper Timing
    Make sure your event check-in is properly timed. If running a large conference, your check-in should be open for many hours.
  7. Get the Party Started
    The event check-in should be a fun and exciting area where guests get pumped up to finally get inside the event. If you have a themed event, be sure the festivities extend out into the check-in area.

For more information, check out the article at Event MB.