Cultivate Engagement Before, During and After an Event


by Karen Perry-Weinstat

Event marketers are no longer content to limit social media posts to the time during the event. Instead, marketers are now engaging donors in long-term relationships, amplifying the reach of events … before, during and after. According to a Chief Marketer Special Report by Patricia Odell, it has never been more important to take advantage of the time leading up to an event and then to extend the life of that remarkable experience that was just staged.

The top strategy around engagement is to stimulate and increase event attendance via event sites, email marketing and social media. Another emerging trend is to reach out to important groups of potential donors who may not actually attend the event. This can include donor prospects, industry members and influencers. The fact that these contacts do not attend a fundraising event does not minimize their impact and importance as potential donors.

It is clear that viral communications, connections, shares and impressions can have a huge impact on an event. For event marketers, there is significant awareness about the importance of creating memorable moments and content worth capturing and sharing these across multiple digital channels.

Event Journal, Inc.’s specialty micro-sites help nonprofits communicate with prospective supporters and attendees — to maximize the attendance and fundraising opportunities for their major events. Event Journal provides compelling, value-added opportunities with online sponsor recognition, links to company websites and year-round exposure of online ads and logos. The sites incorporate “SHARE” buttons and icons to link to the organizations’ social media pages. Event Journal is social media-ready to take your organization’s message viral, and help spread excitement and engagement.

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