Earn Loyal Event Attendees in Five Easy Steps


by Karen Perry-Weinstat

You’ve spent all your efforts planning the event, making sure everything is prepared and ready to go. But one thing you may not have considered yet is next year’s event! The best time to engage your attendees to return the following year is at this year’s event. Here are five ways to rally the masses to attend year after year, from Event MB:

1.    Provide top-notch customer service: From the moment attendees begin traveling to your event make sure attendees feel well informed and appreciated. A smooth event makes your attendees feel welcomed and at home.

2.    Keep it fresh: The theme and the speakers of your events should be varied. This will keep your attendees anticipating and make them excited to return. Do a survey and follow-through on changes to show you value their feedback.

3.    Provide Incentives for Repeat Attendance: Offer a discount code or special rates for signing up early for next year’s event. Give returning attendees a special name tag, which will welcome discussion of how great your event has been time and time again.

4.    Engagement, engagement, engagement: The event isn’t about you and it isn’t about your speakers. It’s all about your attendees. Be creative thinking of ways to boost involvement and opportunities for your guests to get to know one another, as well as the speakers. Use phones and screens in the venue to your benefit by hosting polls, scavenger hunts and social walls. These can be used during the presentations and throughout the event.

5.    Be your attendees’ biggest fan: No one is a better spokesperson and advocate of your events than your attendees. If you can make them feel ownership over the event, they’ll want to invite all their friends.

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