How to Effectively Utilize Event Volunteers


by Karen Perry-Weinstat

Stressing about an upcoming event? Enlisting help from volunteers can take some weight off your shoulders. They already have a passion for your mission, and they are willing to work for you – for free! But what types of duties are the “right” ones to offload? We share some suggestions from Winspire’s Ian Lauth:

1.    Auction Item Procurement: Let volunteers be your eyes and ears for securing unique and exciting items. Chances are, they have some connections!

2.    Event Check-In: Greeting guests is a significant responsibility for only the most excited volunteers. Train with them pre-event so they know the process inside and out, as well as who the VIP attendees are.

3.    Auction Assistance: During a silent auction it’s incredibly helpful to have someone on hand to answer questions and to ensure the item tables are kept neat. For a live auction, spotters throughout the audience can help the auctioneer see / hear bids and collect money or signatures.

4.    Event Clean-Up / Follow-Up: Plan in advance for volunteers who can stay behind to help break down, and others who can come to the office post-event to help you send thank you’s.

Read this article in its entirety on Winspire.

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