“This was our second season with Event Journal. Our site was elegant and professional and showcased our supporters in the best possible light. At EJ’s suggestion, this year, we added a “Scroll of Honor” that perfectly complemented our e-journal presentation at the event. We highly recommend Event Journal, Inc.”

Jessica Brookstein
Community Development Director
Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America
Philadelphia/Delaware Valley Chapter


Event Journal’s ejRemote widget allows a responsive digital journal to appear directly on a client’s event page — on its own website or on a third-party platform:

Don’t settle for print journals littering the floor at your next event. Expand the footprint of the journal by bringing it online. At the event, showcase beautiful, full-color supporter ads that exemplify your organization’s mission, on large screens or iPad centerpieces.

Participants learn about the event and register online using the nonprofit organization’s existing shopping cart and database. Behind the scenes, Event Journal creates, proofs and posts the ads, and hosts the entire ad gallery on our secure server. Event sponsors & supporters receive added recognition via an easy-to-navigate “e-journal” platform — including ads that link to their company websites.

Benefits for NPO

Encourages early action: Sponsorship sales are fueled via journal’s online visibility, pre-event.Expands sales window: Sell ads up to and even after the event! Online visibility means ads don’t “expire” after the event. Support can be framed as a year-round proposition.

Evolves in real time: Ads created & posted in real time and hosted on EJ’s secure server.
Provides increased exposure: Because the ad gallery can be embedded in multiple websites at once, viewers see it with increased frequency.

More Value for Sponsors
Expands reach: A typical journal reaches only the people at the gala. Bringing it online,
enables supporters to reach 5-10 times more people.

Provides longevity: An ad journal’s “shelf life” is typically 4-5 hours. Event Journal expands longevity to 12-18 months, offering visibility before, during and after the event.

Builds connections: Viewers simply click on an ad to navigate to the supporter’s website for more information.Easy ad creation: Ads can be submitted camera-ready or ads will be created by Event Journal’s production team.

Easy for Viewers
Dynamic platform: User-friendly gallery is viewed as a slide show or a list, and is searchable by typing in supporter name.

Engaging presentation: Full-color ads are viewed on large screens or iPad centerpieces.
Ads on the go: Responsive gallery can be viewed on smart phones via QR code or mini-URL. QR codes are back! New iOS 11 recognizes them directly from the camera. No need to download third-party applications.