Event Journal Launches Our Newest Product: the “e-Gallery”


by Karen Perry-Weinstat

The only constant in our world is change. At Event Journal, we are always happy when we can meet the changing needs of our clients. Case in point. In preparation for its April 16, 2016 Renaissance Ball in Philadelphia, longtime client Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation posed a new challenge for Event Journal. In the time between galas, its national office mandated the use of an event website company whose sites covered some of the functionality previously provided by Event Journal. The new site, however, does not include any of the journal ad capabilities in which we specialize. To continue its use of the e-journal, CCFA asked what we could do. We crafted a solution in which Event Journal provides an online Journal Ad Gallery that links from their new event web page with a prompt to users to “View the e-Journal”. Now, CCFA delivers basic event information and manages registration via the mandated event page and sends Event Journal all the journal ad materials to design and post online.  The digital journal continues to extend to the night of the event, with Event Journal producing the Event Presentation, containing all the ads, title slides, honoree slides and mission information. This solution is a win-win for CCFA! View their e-Gallery here. In fact, this project is so successful, that Event Journal has created this as a new stand-alone product for other clients and prospects to consider when their own resources already include an event website or webpage with shopping cart capabilities. The Anti-Defamation League recently climbed on board with this solution for its large fall event. If you need something other than our current offerings, just ask us. We love a good challenge!

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