Event Planning Versus Event Marketing


by Karen Perry-Weinstat

While you may be an event planning pro, how would you rate yourself in terms of event marketing? Of course, the two are completely intertwined! As you plan your next charity gala, how are you and your staff getting the word out? Here are some tips from Check In Easy.

Be Online – ALL the Time: People are practically internet obsessed, so businesses need to be too. On average, there are just under half a million people per minute accessing Facebook from their mobile phones. Follow the herd and get them interested via a frequently updated special event page on which happy guests can talk up their (obviously A++) experiences and do your work for you.

Go to Video: Video is a powerful tool with a growing online audience. Create and post videos that build excitement for your event so people are inspired to take action (sign up for more information, buy a ticket, share with a friend).

Revisit Past Successes: It costs far times more money to acquire a new supporter than it does to retain existing one. Invest in courting past guests for your future events. Perhaps there are participants who have “fallen off” over the past year or two. Reach out to those people to find out why and determine if you can re-engage them.

Foster Relationships: Relationships are incredibly important, not only to you but to your guests. Participate in social media groups filled with like-minded professionals, attend events and work the room at industry mixers. Future success may lie in the hands of those you have yet to meet.

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