The investment we made by partnering with Event Journal was a no-brainer, in terms of the success we saw by utilizing this great tool. It allowed us to raise funds in a way that we never thought possible.

Andrea Cure
Manager, Development & Alumni Relations
Young Judaea


Harnessing the reach and flexibility of the web, EVENTjournal transforms the passive traditional ad journal into a powerful digital journal, or “e-journal;” a marketing and fundraising tool that expands opportunities to raise more funds from special events.The typical labor-intensive and time-consuming job of producing journals becomes a highly efficient operation with EVENTjournal’s support and expertise.The benefits of the EVENTjournal system are clear:

Expands Outreach

  • The e-journal website launches months before the event and remains live for a year and beyond
  • The e-journal website serves as a destination for all event information
  • The e-journal website reaches viewers over time and distance that far exceeds the one night shelf-life of a printed book and attendee capacity of room on the night of the event
  • The e-journal is easily accessed with:
    • an easy-to-marketing custom domain name (ie. ABCGala.com or CDEBenefit.org)
    • a weblink graphic we provide for your email signatures
    • a weblink graphic to embed into your organization’s website
    • a weblink graphic for supporters to place on their company website
    • search engine compatibility
  • Viral marketing to grow beyond your usual database with social media share features and links to your organization’s social media pages

More Sponsor Recognition

  • Full color online ad features company branding and link to company’s website
  • Ad is posted shortly after submission and stays online before and after the event for a full year
  • Earlier submissions receive even more exposure
  • High level advertisers also receive an online logo banner on the right sidebar of the site The logo displays with its frequency based on the donation level and links to the corresponding ad
  • e-Journal ads play on large screens at the event, strategically placed for visibility in the room.  Ads play with frequency based on the donation level and are seen repeatedly throughout the event
  • A typical online journal receives 5-10 or more times the unique viewers as the number of guests at the event
  • The ad is searchable on Google, Bing and Yahoo, demonstrating the company’s support for nonprofit and generating goodwill to the advertiser

Enhances Engagement

  • Information is available 24/7 as needed by the supporter
  • Event details such as suggested attire, directions, and event program are easily accessed
  • Tickets, tables, sponsorships, ads and donations can be made securely online. The site offers options for credit card or payment by company or personal check
  • Information is accessible about the organization, its mission and the honoree before the event
  • The online photo gallery builds community and the “photo keepsake” feature provides guests with a printable memento of the event
  • Embedded video is available to engage viewers with a compelling story
  • An attractive auction preview page (optional) gives donors an advance view of what they can buy at the event
  • Social media buttons gives guests, committee members and other supporters a way to share the event with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other outlets
  • At the event, guests are treated to an elegant e-journal presentation, an appealing format for supporter recognition
  • Printed materials such as a “Scroll of Honor” page or program book (optional) can be distributed at the event to keep guests comfortable in the transition to the digital e-journal

Helps Event Management

  • From “Getting Started” telecom to final delivery to the event, your project is managed by a dedicated support team who collaborates with you to streamline workload
  • Initial consultation includes assistance with verbiage and techniques to introduce the e-journal and support staff and committees to integrate the new system
  • The proprietary “online ad submission” dashboard gives purchasers access to submit ads directly to the EVENTjournal support team
  • Staff has its own dashboard to submit ads that come to the office and keep accurate records
  • The attendee report allows purchasers to provide a variety of information on invited guests
  • The extensive back-end report is available in real-time, any time, to track progress such as purchases, ad submission, guest seating and more

Increases Fundraising Opportunity

  • A larger viewership and recognition of supporters is a selling point to sponsors
  • Year-round color ads with links to company websites induce participation and encourage higher levels of giving
  • The easy-to-use online shopping cart increases convenience and likelihood of contributions. Flexibility to pay by credit card or by check (with the order confirmation serving as a receipt) makes corporate contributions easy
  • Ads are visible online far before the event for added exposure.  This encourages the next tier of supporters to join in as the event appears active and successful
  • The support and guidance of EVENTjournal’s expert team frees staff to focus valuable time doing actual fundraising vs. administrative tasks
  • An online journal tells a more heartfelt story than a printed invitation and/or journal-program book, engaging supporters in the pre-event period
  • More sponsors are compelled to participate due to the exponentially-greater recognition they receive
  • e-Journal ads are sold after the event for guests who are moved to show their support by the event program