Five Fundraising Trends


by Karen Perry-Weinstat

The winds of change keep fundraising landscapes on the move. Knowing the trends will help you stay one foot ahead. These are the top 5 Fundraising Trends, according to Arjuna Solutions.

1. Online payments are on the rise: Blackbaud’s 2014 Charitable Giving Report and M+R’s 2015 Benchmark Study both found increases of about 10% from 2013-2014. Keep in mind transaction fees when choosing services, but users are keen to donate when it’s both easier and faster. Event Journal operates on a fee-for-service model and, as such, does not charge transaction fees.

2. Millennial donors are a different breed: While they’re donating less, they’re still donating. And your best bet to getting them invested is to engage them. Embrace ambitious and bold goals, focus on emotional and compelling stories (that are easy to share) and use predicted ask amounts.

3. Digital is the new frontier: Your website needs to be professional, mobile-responsive, quick to load and interact with. Equally importantly, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media pages must be regularly populated with fresh, engaging content. While direct mail and other offline strategies will remain important, online engagement continues to grow in importance. Learn More

4. Donations 365/24/7: Younger donors do not wait until the traditional giving season to make a donation, nor do they necessarily time their donations to maximize tax benefits. Thanks to the internet you can be ready when they are: 24/7 and 365 days a year. 

5. Predictive Analytics: Nonprofits must enlist predictive analytics engine to determine willingness to donate, and ultimately use this data to generate precise ask amounts for each donor. This has been proven far more effective than open-ended or standard tiered asks. Learn More

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