Get your Event Sponsored in Five Steps


by Karen Perry-Weinstat

Bringing sponsors on board is not easy. Gaining corporate support is all about strategy. CheckInEasy recently shared 5 tips that can help you get the event sponsorships you need:

Plan Ahead: For a corporation,  sponsorships are a vehicle to advertise their product or service by aligning it with a complementary brand, your organization! When planning a new event, think of of potential sponsors and what types of demographics they’d be interested in.

Think Small: You may already have a large sponsor in mind, but limiting yourself to one big fish is not always the best idea. Several smaller sponsors that will attract consumers from separate industries and may be a better bet.

Provide Research: The right data will support any demographic claims. If you’re enticing a sponsor with promises of access to your email list, show up knowing the number of emails on the list as well as the list’s breakdown according to age, gender, geographic location, profession, personal interests, etc.

Present an Organized Sponsor Menu: Provide options for every donation level. Also, make sure your levels are well thought out, in terms of the value they bring. Always start with the highest levels and work your way down.

Brag a Little: Highlight your organization’s history of well executed events. Experience really does matter. Prove you’re up for the task by building a portfolio filled with client referrals, positive online reviews, pictures of beautiful event setups, and even a list of the third-party vendors you use to ensure your events go off without a hitch.

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