Millennials: When it comes to event planning, are they really SO different?


by Karen Perry-Weinstat

This week, we are highlighting an article from EventMB that “cuts to the the chase” regarding millennials. Spoiler Alert: They are not so different from any other type of event attendee! Instead of looking at what separates the generations, let’s look at what unites us and plan events that are meaningful … to everyone.

While millennials want to feel involved and use more technology — it’s not just millennials, it’s all of us. In this technological age, we have all evolved. The use of tech and the constant exchange on social networks is making us smarter and giving us access to information like never before. So, the way attendees experience events has shifted, regardless of gender, age, race, religion or political views.

In order to stay relevant, technology needs to be integrated into your event structure and, in today’s marketplace, there are lots of opportunities to do. So embrace event technology and use it to your advantage. Read this story in its entirety at EventMB.

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