Thurgood Marshall College Fund: eventjournal

“We would like to say THANKS! [Event Journal’s] hard work definitely helped the [25th Anniversary] event as a whole!”

Anan Johnson
Interactive Marketing Manager
Thurgood Marshall College Fund

Hope Autism Foundation: EVENTJOURNAL

“We are so happy that we ran things through Event Journal.  I know that we raised much more than we would have if we had done it the old fashioned way. Thanks!”

Danielle Lumby
Hope Autism Foundation

DJS Events LLC

“I recommend the e-journal to all my fundraising event clients… the EVENTjournal system helped us increase fundraising by giving more recognition to sponsors. The sites beautifully promote our events and handle ticket and sponsorship sales seamlessly. Their stellar support makes our job easier every time. I will continue to recommend EVENTjournal and the company’s other web solutions to my nonprofit clients…”

Dawn Strain
DJS Events LLC

Kidsbridge Tolerance Museum

“I LOVE our [custom] design and the gala slide show for our event demonstrates a sophisticated blend of graphic design and excitement. [Your team] is absolutely the ‘cats meow’ in customer service!”

Lynne Azarchi
Executive Director
Kidsbridge Tolerance Museum

Southwestern Law School

“The event was a great success and went off without a hitch. The slideshow of sponsor ads and commendation letters looked fantastic and we received such great feedback from alums for going green. Even the sponsors said they liked seeing their ads on the screens rather than having to page through a 50-page printed brochure.

We truly could not have pulled everything off without all of your help. Especially since we only contacted you in late December for an event in February. I was extremely pleased with your service. Your team was always timely in responding to requests and made themselves available even after east coast business hours. The website looked great and our Public Info Office was just thrilled to not have to worry about this portion of the event. Although, we had some hiccups in the beginning of the process with our payment gateway – it turned out great and I really appreciate your patience during that time. I think your product is a great service to other organizations like us and we will definitely use your services again in the future.”

Joan Bautista
Director, Institutional Advancement
Southwestern Law School