Unveiling Event Journal’s sexy, new platform


by Karen Perry-Weinstat

Event Journal’s new EJ:17 platform has launched and, yes, we said sexy! Think of it as Event Journal’s same great product — with an extreme makeover. While EJ:17 will officially roll out in the new year, just like a new car, it’s being pre-released for December events.  Some of its new features include:

  • Sleek, responsive design
  • Improved social media interaction
  • Full screen splash page
  • Customizable “Enter Site” button
  • Top and left Navigation options
  • Upgraded settings for sponsor recognition tiles
  • Enhanced ad gallery featuring larger ads
  • Expanded photo gallery and sharing features
  • New font varieties

We know clients and supporters alike will love the new framework, especially when viewing the websites on mobile devices. Take a look!  View sample website

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